Our Story

The Story of Our Start, Struggle, & Success

The Story of Our Start, Struggle, & Success

To be honest, the year 2020 wasn’t a good year for the business. We saw the opportunities for growth in the initial months of 2020 . This is certainly not a formal report of business at the year-end but we try to put all the memorable moments of SSS Syber Tech in this short blog to give you what it feels like having an emerging mobile app developing company. The reason for being a successful mobile app developing company People often ask if there is a certain success formula to capture the market. Well, the truth is... there isn’t any pre-defined set of rules and methods that help you to be the top in the game but hard work and dedication. However, we love to share our success story.

  • The first step

    The memory is still fresh in my mind when I used to dream about having my own business while sitting in the packed cubicles with some of the most laborious and hard-working employees. All I needed was the brilliant minds and information about the know-how of the business. Writing a pitch for my business was a hell of a lot of an experience. Even though my idea was approved by many tech geniuses I worked with throughout my life, I wanted it to be impressive on paper. While many believe starting something is the hardest part, I beg to differ. Starting something can be easy but sticking to that something can be hard. We started SSS Syber Tech in _____ with a vision to be the most reliable company in Mobile App Development Industry. Our main aim to grab onto opportunities that we get for entrepreneurial success. With a bunch of dreamers with little experience in the industry, we started the entrepreneurial adventures of a mobile app development company – SSS Syber Tech. And our journey from start to here is a guidebook for people who wanted to make big in any industry.
  • Struggling Years

    We waited a couple of months to get the right opportunity that can put us on the industry map with our idea. We were lucky that we were establishing ourselves at the moment when the mobile app development industry was booming and getting momentum. However, our big problem is that clients were not ready to trust us with their products. The only way we left with is to start small and build up trust by working on smaller modules for the companies. Most of my acquaintances said that there’s no way we can get noticed quickly in the industry. We used to reply with the famous quote of Nelson Mandela that we also believe and put it as a poster on our office wall. “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Even though we were planning to make a home run, we realize doing these small projects and small modules help us gain trust in the market. Later we realize that this is probably the best thing that happened with the startup firm ours. Fortunately, we hadn’t wait long till we got our first big client. In the meantime, we expanded our business internally as well. We added a bunch of experts more to our team so that we can impact the market and make a difference.
  • Our Fall Out

    Knowing that our first foot landed in the right place doesn’t mean we were lucky at all. We faced failure many times. There were dozens of moments in a month where quitting the business seems the most appropriate idea. Even the last year, we struggled our way to the top. When we started, we had no projects and many responsibilities that drove us crazy and divided our team. Even though we prepared for the delay in projects, we were constantly thinking about it and ready to quit. There’s a very motivating quote about quitting that says, “If you ever think of quitting then remember why you started in the first place.” To be honest, this is very thought-provoking to me. And after a bad day, I remind myself why I wanted this to happen in the first place. Some experts from our team quit and choose something different in their life. I have no hard feelings for them and wish them good luck with their dreams. While these can be a setback for us, it worked exactly the opposite. Our team got smaller but the working spirit boosted and we started giving every ounce of our blood, sweat, and tears to this company. This time we aim for getting international projects. We have seen many projects came and went by as investors were not confident about our work. Instead of getting demotivated, we worked on our pitch hundreds of times before going to investors and it worked. We knew that presentation matters. It is almost like a fix for getting projects in the competitive world.
  • Bounce Back in the Market

    We started getting small projects but we can say that we get to see the big picture when we landed two big projects. It worked for us and after getting testimonials from these two big companies, SSS Syber Tech got recognition in the mobile app development industry. It just didn’t make us noticeable among the big firms, it boosted our confidence so that we started planning our long term goals. Our team increased with the number of hiring continuously and we expanded our office space as well. The number of projects increased in no time, and we were happier with the thought that we were working on multiple projects at once. In no time, we welcomed the 100th member of our ever-growing SSS Syber Tech team.
  • Start of Our Successful Run

    With clients contacting us for work and having a reliable team that works together to meet the deadline, our adventure started. We worked for many companies and help them build reliable mobile apps for their businesses. It was the time when we were in our prime, and instead of taking a view of what we have achieved, we planned for sky-high with our business skills and company. We created many diverse business verticals. We interacted with many wannabe entrepreneurs and taught them what is needed to be in the market in the long run. In the nutshell, we opened our door for them and grew with them on our journey. To be honest, I was about to write about my struggle especially during the Pandemic but now I think we did well even though the panademic outbreak took many businesses down.
  • Work & Fun

    It’s time to go old school as fun and games are as important as work. Imagine sitting in the cubicle for hours working on your pre-defined set of tasks. You are no different than Robot. Thus, we added a gaming zone in our office so that our devoted employees can take care of their health and mind as well. We emphasized the regular friendly activities, sports day out, and Friday fun to ensure that people working in SSS Syber Tech enjoy their moment here as well. It helps us to bond with people working with me. We also arrange parties to get together and know each other better. It won’t come as surprise if someday we start funding our employees who come up with good business ideas.
  • Lessons Along The Way

    In the end, I would suggest you work rationally on the business you are planning. Never think you are late or you don’t have opportunities. Remember that you are a genius and you will figure out a way yourselves. Many young types of blood think that working for others to build their dream is like the worst thing that happened to them. But I would advise you to think about your office as your school instead of prison. You are learning here the technicalities of business and most importantly you are not working for your boss, you are working with your boss. If you have a plan then share it with your seniors in the office, they will guide you and tell you the hard truth that you need to hear about your plan. Building yourself for the greater good is only possible when you know about the work not by books but practically. And lastly, never give up on your idea if someone manipulates you. Your journey would be an easy one if you have the stomach to face any glitch and hindrances in the way of your success. With all these, I would advise you to start day 1 today for your goals.